Planning a Theme

Your home is where you relax! Plan first, then buy.

If everything in your space is well-considered, then it will look more luxurious and expensive, no matter how much you spend.

Planning around a theme, this could be a colour scheme,  a style theme or time priod. Contemporary, classic, natural or luxury. Display your personality in your home. Your personality shines through your choices.

Pick a statement piece, an artwork or an armchair or a rug, whatever you like most – just make it big and allow it to attract the attention. Focus on it!

This piece can then form your style and colour scheme, your other furniture and decor choices can made to compliment this theme.

Dont’ disregard texture. Luxury styles call velvet or richer fabrics meanwhile sheer fabrics that bring light go well with coastal style.

Express your self with colour.

Find a balance between new deco and sentimental pieces, pieces collected while travelling or sentimental tokens.